Under eye mask

I know, I know….. I’ve had this product since my November 2012 Birchbox and I JUST tried it!!! Sue me! Sometimes I’m weary to try new face products because I can’t afford any adverse reactions if I have plans. I was also saving this for when I REALLY needed some instant-eye-perking action!I had a rough week and had been losing a lot of sleep. One morning I woke up and my eyes were almost swollen shut! After a day of people asking if I had an allergic reaction to something I decided to take action, and I remembered these strips!!! They are said to “fight the signs of jetlag and under eye fatigue by reducing puffiness and brightening dark circles.” You peel them off their backing, put them under your eyes (with it contoured correctly), and wait 20 minutes before you take them off. Don’t wash your face afterwards, either, just gently rub in the remaining gel. I put and iced mask on my eyes to take down the swelling on my upper lids, but nothing seemed to work for my under eye area.  The bottom left pic was what I started out with before the iced batman-superhero-identity-hiding mask! You can see the swelling went down a lot before I applied the Masqueology strips. The strips were very cooling on, but I didn’t notice much of a change. When I woke up the next morning my eyes felt re-energized and moisturized. I would assume that with continued use I would definitely notice a change. I think I’m going to purchase a pack from the Birchbox shop and see what they do for me. I know I’ve seen Masqueology Sales on Hautelook, so maybe next time I’ll pick some up from there, too! Do you guys have any under-eye depuffing suggestions? I could really use something on the back-burner just in case! Until next time…. XO, Al!

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