Brands You Want to Know: Eva NYC


I am starting a new series on my blog where I will feature up-and-coming brands that may not be as well known in the beauty community. It seems like all we beauty bloggers ever talk about are the same brands all the time, but there is so much more out there to be raved about! I like to give everyone a fair shot! Don’t get me wrong.. a label and a brand’s reputation can go a long way, but how will we know what else is amazing out there if we don’t give it a shot?!?!

eva nyc therapy hair mask

Eva NYC Therapy Hair Mask

With that said, I want to introduce you to the first brand I am featuring. Eva NYC is a brand I was initially introduced to on a whim through Groupon! Beauty Deals on Groupon are a great way to find new products because they are discounted, so if I don’t love it, I don’t feel as bad! Well I did not regret purchasing the Freshen Up Dry Shampoo through that deal. It instantly made it’s way to my heart (and my hair) as a HOLY GRAIL dry shampoo! I even featured it in my 2012 favorites! After a few tweets, instagram posts, and all-over praises of this product, Eva NYC reached out to me and sent me some products. They don’t know it yet, but they just created an all out brand groupie in me!!!!!!

mstruehappiness natural hairFirst product I gave a whirl was the Therapy Session Hair Mask to deep condition my hair ($12 for 60mL). I left it in for about 5 minutes and my hair was more silky than I had ever seen it before! My natural hair was less brittle/dry looking and it was an all-over good hair day for me! My hair was soft to the touch. Also, after the deep condition, I added the Rock-a-Wave curl cream to my damp hair (100ML for $8). I put my hair in a pineapple overnight and this is how it turned out. My curls were defined without being frizzy or crunchy.  The next morning I added some Hungry Hair Oil (30mL for $12) to it and there was no one who could tell me my hair wasn’t amazing! The result is stunning! In each of these hair care products is Argan oil to condition your hair and Keravis protein to strengthen the hair cuticle.

You know I can’t form a real opinion until I’ve tested them on both my natural and straightened hair. The hair mask was just as amazing and my hair was silky and shiny.  Overall, I am a believer in their hair care products and I hope they get much more attention from more bloggers, celebs, and more! Being originally from New York only sweetens the deal that much more! Let me know if you guys have ever tried their products or if you plan to now! If you know of any other brands that I should test and feature, let me know in the comments or email me:

Thanks so much to Eva NYC for sending samples of your products to test out. I always give my 100% honest opinion, and you have made a believer out of me! 🙂

Sending you hugs, kisses, and GORGEOUS HAIR wishes,



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