1,500 Subscriber Giveaway Winner

Hi guys…..

So after a lonnnnnnnnng time searching through my comments using random.org I FINALLY have a winner. There were a LOT of spam comments to muddle through, I mean, PAGES of spam comments. Those that were marked as spam were not counted in the giveaway. Remember not to comment over and over.. YouTube marks that as spam! Hopefully no one will have this happen to them on my 2,000 Subscriber Giveaway! Continue reading

EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream Review

20120515-110747.jpgI received an eos ultra moisturizing shave cream from Mal Pearson during the fabolous giveaway she did to launch Style it Social! I entered every day for something, but I didn’t think I would win! But this was one of the prizes I got! Continue reading

900 Subscriber Giveaway Winner!!!!

Hey guys! I just picked the winner of my YouTube 900 subscriber giveaway using random.org!!!! There were 9 pages of comments….. It picked page 2…. There were then 9 approved entries… It picked 2…. Sooooooo…. the winner…. is…….. KP3RELOADED on youtube!!! Way to have those multiple entries help you win!!

Make sure you email me your address to althea@mstruehappiness.com Within the next 3 days for your prize!

Be looking out for my 1,000 Subscriber giveaway on YouTube when I return home from NY! Thanks again for being so supportive y’all! Love ya!


Al <3