Brands You Want to Know: ybf Beauty


If you have been following my YouTube channel for a while you have heard me RAVE about my favorite eyebrow pencil since JULY 2011!!!! Whoa! ┬áMy brow hairs are very fine, so they don’t really show up to the party to help polish off a look. Well, I have been using the ybf Beauty (your best friend) Universal Eyebrow Pencil ever since Birchbox introduced me to it!! Continue reading

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Base Launch



The moment has come… the moment I’ve been anxiously awaiting since Sigma Beauty did teasers of new products they were planning to introduce to their collection! The Sigma Eyeshadow Bases come out Monday, February 4, 2013!!!!! I have been STALKING THEM to see when they would come out, and now they’ll be here sooner than I thought! Continue reading

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash Review


As a person who has extremely acne-prone, sensitive skin I am always on the hunt for a face wash that will go above and beyond to clean my face, but still be gentle enough for me to use at least 2 times a day, every day! I just so happened to be on twitter one day when CVS Beauty Club (@CVSBeautyClub on twitter) was doing a Simple Skincare giveaway! Continue reading

March 2012 Favorites!!

I normally do my monthly fav videos on my YouTube channel, but I’m sort of backed up on videos, so I knew I would throw off the order of my editing if I filmed and loaded my favs video! I also don’t have a ton this time around, so I figured it would be easier to just put it in a blog!!

Continue reading