March 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag

March Ipsy glam bagI know what you’re thinking… Al…. it’s APRIL! You’re late! And you’re right!!! Last month was super hectic for me, but I still wanted to show you guys all the stuff from my subscription services, so I’ll be pushing out a few back-to-back posts to get them to you! So let’s just dive right into this bag!
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February Ipsy Glam Bag

Another great Ipsy glam bag goes on the books, ladies and gents. I absolutely love how they give us all makeup products that can be used to create full looks! That’s just what I did, too! The tutorial of my glam look created with this bag will be up on my channel tomorrow! Click here if you want to see that! Continue reading

My Glam Bag | August 2012

I got my myglam bag for August! I haven’t had a chance to really try these products out, so this will be more of an open box, show-and-tell kind of post! If I had to choose which bag was better this month it would definitely be birchbox, but the glam bag had a few good things in it! Continue reading