Under eye mask

I know, I know….. I’ve had this product since my November 2012 Birchbox and I JUST tried it!!! Sue me! Sometimes I’m weary to try new face products because I can’t afford any adverse reactions if I have plans. I was also saving this for when I REALLY needed some instant-eye-perking action! Continue reading

November 2012 Birchbox

My birchbox was slightly better this month, but I only loved two of the samples provided! One thing I will say, if you have been disappointed in your recent birchboxes, is that this is a SAMPLE service! You are trying out different, new, upcoming products.. they won’t always be a hit and they won’t always be brands you’ve already heard of! I tend to forget that when I find myself being upset that I don’t have a NARS product or beauty blender every month! Continue reading