Brands You Want to Know: ybf Beauty


If you have been following my YouTube channel for a while you have heard me RAVE about my favorite eyebrow pencil since JULY 2011!!!! Whoa!  My brow hairs are very fine, so they don’t really show up to the party to help polish off a look. Well, I have been using the ybf Beauty (your best friend) Universal Eyebrow Pencil ever since Birchbox introduced me to it!! Continue reading

January 2013 Birchbox

I got my January birchbox so early this month! I was sooooo excited!  This month had some pretty cool samples that I am excited to try out! Again, if you have never heard of birchbox, it is a monthly subscription service that delivers beauty samples to your door once a month! It costs $10/month, and I have found some of my holy grail products through this service! Continue reading

December 2012 Birchbox!

I got my Birchbox towards the end of December AGAIN!!! So I apologize that this post is going up late, but with the holidays, I just couldn’t swing it! Anyway, this was an okay box that introduced me to a lot of new, amazing products… If you want to find out about each one… Just keep reading! Continue reading

November 2012 Birchbox

My birchbox was slightly better this month, but I only loved two of the samples provided! One thing I will say, if you have been disappointed in your recent birchboxes, is that this is a SAMPLE service! You are trying out different, new, upcoming products.. they won’t always be a hit and they won’t always be brands you’ve already heard of! I tend to forget that when I find myself being upset that I don’t have a NARS product or beauty blender every month! Continue reading

October Birchbox 2012

I had a hard time getting my Birchbox again this month! Not sure what’s up with my mailman, but they are losing it haha I’m a little late with all of my traveling, but I wanted to show you guys what came in my box since this is the one subscription service that actually varies from person to person! Continue reading

September 2012 BirchBox

I’m somewhat late to post this, but my  Birchbox came late, too! Above is a picture of fall trends, which was a part of a pamphlet that came in the box. Overall, I am disappointed with this box and I was much happier with my glambag! Every one of these services has an off month every now and then, and this was that month for Birchbox! Continue reading