Winter Survival Kit

These are the things I cannot live without in the winter! Seems like a basic & typical thing, but you’d be surprised how much we mistreat our skin in the winter. Keep reading for ways to fight off alligator characteristics through the colder months!


1) Moisturize your face!!!! I can’t stress this enough!!!! Dry skin is unhealthy┬áskin and it’s not necessarily flattering when you try to put on a face powder, but have huge flakes of flawlessly-powdered skin hanging off. Scaly skin is not optimal for makeup application, so do what you can to try to fight it off! I use CVS acne fighting moisturizer to moisturize my whole face IMMEDIATELY after washing it. If you allow your skin to feel super tight after you wash it… you’ve probably waited too long to apply moisturizer. Eye cream should be used during the day and night as well!

2) Get that alligator skin outta here!!! Keeping a good hand cream on you is a must! Between using hand sanitizer to fight off germs and the cold making it impossible for your skin to stay moisturized, it is imperative that you use a hand cream/lotion! I keep this Ahava Mineral Hand Cream that I recieved in my birchbox in my purse at all times! When this runs out, please believe I’m replenishing it!!


3) Keep your lips kissably soft!! Chapped lips have been PLAGUING people all around me and it drives me crazy!!! There’s nothing worse than a person with dry cracked chapped, peeling lips… that keeps licking them to try to hydrate them! That will not work!! Reach for your favorite lip balm


(not lipstick, not lip gloss… a balm!) This will keep your lips soft and, quite frankly, people will be able to focus more on what you’re saying and less on the tool you’re saying it with!



Follow these few steps and you’re sure to be as smooth as you were during the summer!

Until next time…




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