Influenster Something Blue Voxbox Unboxing!

something blue voxboxHere comes the briiiide… All dressed in whiiiiite…. Well, not really. But I will be a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding later this year! Because of my wedding party status, Influenster selected me to try the Something Blue Voxbox, and I. AM. STOKED!!!!!! This post will purely be a open-box haul, so I’ll just be showing what was in it! Don’t worry… reviews will be coming both on my blog and my YouTube channel later.

kiss butterfly kisses lashes

First are these Kiss ever-ez-lashes. I am a huge Kiss fan, so I’m sure I’ll love these. Since I have so many, I’ll be sure to share with the bridal party and see what they think, too!

qtips precision tips Then we got the Q-tips Precision Tips.. and not just one pack of 30… TWO PACKS! Life is GOOD! I have a little travel Q-tip holder already, and I take it with me everywhere! However, the precision Q-tips changes the game! Can’t wait to put these to use!

dr scholls for herNo wayyyyyyyy!!! I’ve been wanting to try the Dr. Scholls for her Ball of Foot cushions for-like-ever! I always had cheap insoles, so I hope these will help keep my feet comfy while I dance the night away at the reception! Luster NOW! toothpasteWedding or not… I’m a white teeth freak!!! Well, we got the LUSTER NOW! whitening toothpaste to make those wedding pictures complete with the perfect smile! The packaging on this product looks so official! I hope it really works… definitely be looking out for an up-close-and-personal view of my pearly whites to see how effective this product is.

urgent rx fast powdersI am the QUEEN of stress headaches, and what is more stressful than a wedding?! Luckily, I’ll have these Urgent Rx fast powders to take away the pain! I’m sure these will come in handy!

my trio ringsLast, but not least, is a brochure for MyTrioRings. We get to check out all they have to offer in the jewelry department. This is definitely handy information since I’m not married yet lol. We’ll see if I find my dream ring on their site!

Okay! So that’s it for this box. Pretty amazing if I must say so myself!

As always, all products received from Influenster are for the purposes of gaining knowledge of the honest opinion on the products included. All opinions on any future reviews are honest, and above all else, my own!

If you guys get a chance, take a look at Influenster’s facebook and twitter. They have switched to an invite-only system,  but you can still see what they have to offer!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products! Congrats to any new or future brides out there! I just love seeing people in love!




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