Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Base Launch



The moment has come… the moment I’ve been anxiously awaiting since Sigma Beauty did teasers of new products they were planning to introduce to their collection! The Sigma Eyeshadow Bases come out Monday, February 4, 2013!!!!! I have been STALKING THEM to see when they would come out, and now they’ll be here sooner than I thought!

There are a total of 9 bases that will be sold individually for $13 each, or you can buy a set of three for $36. Those sets also include the F70 brush for application of the bases.

The kits correspond to each of their already-existing eyeshadow palettes: Dare, Flare, & Bare.   The packaging looks super cute and it seems like we will get a lot of product in each. Each base is meant to help your eyeshadows POP and control oil on your lid (which is my main concern).  Here are the colors in each kit:

Dare, Flare, & Bare Kit’s (l to r)

Dare Base Kit: Dash, Strike, and Unveil
Flare Base Kit: Pursue, Spy and Provoke
Bare Base Kit: Sculpt, Pose, and Persuade

I know one thing… that swatch of Spy is EVERYTHING to me! I haaave to get my hands on these! I’ll be buying mine Monday morning, first thing!!! What about you? Which color looks more appealing to you? Check back on Monday for a discount code! I’ll try to find one for you guys!

Ahhhh!! I can’t WAIT!!!



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