Secret Clinical Strength- Stress Response Deodorant


Recently I’ve been extremely busy between work, YouTube, my exercise schedule and just life overall. My stress levels have been through the roof and I found a new way to help me cope with at least one factor of the stress.

Secret deodorant has always been one of my go-to anti-perspirants since I was a little girl. Now they’ve come out with a deodorant to help cope with stress sweat, too!

Today I had a huge event at work that I am co-chair over and it caused me major #StressSweat This is one of three forms of sweat and happens instantaneously AND smells worse because it comes from two different glands. Stress sweat comes from the Aprocrine gland which has more nutrients, and in turn, more odor-causing bacteria.

Secret has a proprietary BCD technology that traps odor and replaces it with a fresh scent. Trust me when I say I looooove the scent of this deodorant. This product uses prescription-strength wetness protection, odor-fighting capsules, and conditioners to make your underarms soft! I couldn’t be happier that I got this right before summer because it is the highest level of antiperspirants active without a prescription! Perfect timing on finding a new bomb deodorant, right?!

It’s a soft click-up formula that feels almost like lotion going on! I found that one click is more than enough per armpit, but be sure it’s fully dry before you put on clothes afterwards! It kept me dry for the most part, but towards the end of the day I noticed more wetness. No matter what, though, I never smelled any type of odor!

This holds a reasonable price tag at $7.99-9.99 at mass retailers nationwide. If for no other reason than the smell and wetness protection, I would say you should at least give this product a try. It’ll knock your socks off! For more info, check out there website:




FTC: This product was given to me by Influenster to be tested and reviewed. All opinions are my own, and detailed product information was taken from the Influenster website.

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