Secret Outlast Clear Gel

Hunnayyyyyyyy…. It is TOO hot outside to be playing around with a so-so deodorant! I like to stay fresh, dry and free of white marks!! Thanks to Secret Outlast Clear Gel I can feel confident all day about all three of those worries!

Have you ever started to get dressed, felt SUPER fly in your new little black dress, and realized you had rows of white marks down the side because of your deodorant?!?!? Yeah, me neither. :-L For those of us not in denial, we can admit that there is NOTHING worse than that! Well, instead of doing a deo dance (see this clip here) every time you put your clothes on…. Try Secret Outlast Clear Gel Deodorant.

I have been using this since it was called Secret Flawless Renewal, and it is still that same great product, and then some. It comes with a proven (in my book) 48-hour odor protection and goes on/stays clear. There are microcapsules that activate when you start sweating and they absorb odor and release that delightfully fresh scent! I literally wave my arms when I sweat to make sure I don’t smell and I will actually smell like I just hopped out of the shower. All you need is 1-2 clicks per underarm. I know, that sounds like nothing, but this product has got some quality to it that doesn’t require much more than that! If you want it to stay clear, you can’t build it up… That’ll ruin the effect. I like that it is a gel because it has a cooling sensation. It also has fast-drying ingredients that help you feel instantly fresh and clean! If you didn’t know, I live in North Carolina and it gets hot and humid down here. My hair may frizz, my makeup may get oily, but one thing that WON’T happen is I won’t be sweaty or stinky as long as I’m using this deodorant.

This retails for about $4 in almost every merchant around lol. For that price I’d happily buy this for all it offers, and I have for the past few years, now! Okay… Now run out and give this product a whirl! Say fresh out there, ladies! 😉



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