Review | Free Gifts from Salon Perfect!!!!

If you are following me on twitter you know that I pretty much retweet every giveaway anyone I follow does. I do this to give you guys a chance to enter as well as myself. Well, I actually WON one of the giveaways of Salon Perfect this past summer!!! YAY!!!! (I know it took me forever to write this review, but don’t judge! lol)

I have already reviewed the wax strips that I received, but I wanted to review the lashes Salon Perfect offers! Let me start off my saying these are now my FAVORITE brand of drugstore lashes! I LIVE for the demi wispies (I even added them to my October Favorites and 400 Subscriber Giveaway).

There are three “lines” of strip lashes: Perfectly Natural, Perfectly Glamorous, & Perfectly Diva. I tend to cling to the Perfectly Natural products because I like my falsies to enhance my natural lashes without being too obvious that they’re falsies! Their lashes do not look like plastic which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! The length of them would fit almost any eye shape! If they’re too long cut the inner corner of the false lash and add it back to the outer corner of your lashes for a fuller outer-eye effect!

I highly recommend these lashes! You can find them in Walmart only, so run out to your nearest one and pick up your favorite pair!!! Be sure to leave me a comment below with what you chose! Also, go follow Salon Perfect on twitter! You never know when they may do another giveaway!


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