Brands You Want to Know: Painted Earth

It’s time for another installment of “Brands You Want to Know“. This time I’m focusing on skincare, but not just any old skincare line, Painted Earth Skincare! This is a Georgia based company ran by a graciously pleasant woman with the right idea in mind! These products are organic, natural, AND non-toxic! This is the perfect blend for someone who doesn’t want to clog their pores or put harsh chemicals on their face (LIKE ME!), and they are curelty-free and vegan! When Painted Earth followed me on twitter (follow P.E.)   I looked at their website and was blown away! I asked if I could do this review, but I had no idea I would love their products this much!! I could go on and on about why this company’s mission is amazing, but I guess I will stop here and get to the review LOL!

First, I want to talk about the Boo Boo Gel! This stuff has so many uses that it could completely change your skin on it’s own! It clears up acne, inflammed areas of the skin, cuts, bruises, mosquito bites, you name it! It reduces the appearance of pores, AND has anti-aging benefits! A little goes a long way, so this 2oz jar for $25 will give you a huge bang for your buck! I’ve used it mostly on my body acne since, thanks to their skincare products that I’ve been using, I haven’t had facial acne. I always get acne if my hair is on my chest, back, or shoulders too long, and this cleared it up and took away redness! Plus, it’s all natural… so I don’t have to worry about my skin becoming dependent on it!

This…. This stuff right here…. This. Is. EVERYTHING!!!! This is their Acne/Sensitive Face Wash! It’s all-natural, not drying, doesn’t have harsh chemicals such as sulfates or salicylic acid, but it STILL keeps my skin CLEAR!!! Y’all know how bad my acne used to be, too! Lavender, tea tree, and oregano  eliminate acne causing bacteria in this magical face wash that I’ve been searching for all of my life! It’s sugar based and packed with aloe vera… and we all know the healing properties of aloe vera! This wash has claims of eliminating acne scars… OMG… It seriously does just that!! My face is so much better since I’ve been using this product. I’m so happy with my results I could cry! I’ll be doing a video on how I got rid of my acne scars, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be including this!

After I washed my face, I followed up with the Hydrating Facial Toner with Organic Green & White Tea. Now, I have to be honest with you guys.. I’m not much of a toner kind of gal. I cleanse my face pretty well and I don’t like to add the extra step to my routine. So, instead I use this directly after I work out! I rinse my face and apply this all over to keep the bacteria from sweat off of my face until I make it home to shower. This toner is a gel, and it’s extremely moisturizing! It doesn’t burn, tingle, or make your face feel dry! You can also use it to prevent shave bumps because it’s just that gentle! If you like toners, this is one you should definitely try.. it’ll change your view on toners altogether! (this is the deal of the day today!! $10 off!!)

Here’s the big finish…. Their Moisture Treatment for Sensitive/Acne Skin! This  is the most hydrating, gentle, thick but non-greasy,  and effective moisturizer I have ever.. yeah, I said EVER… used in my life! I can’t even begin to describe all the skin-health benefits of the product, so I’ll take a quote directly from their website… “Turmeric reduces inflammation, gotu kola stimulates cell renewal, licorice lightens discoloration, and sage, goldenseal, propolis, sandalwood, and melissa all kill bacteria while soothing the skin and renewing damaged or irritated tissue.” Yep. Every single word is the truth! I will never again use products with harsh chemicals on my face after realizing nature has given us everything we need for amazing skin. Doing it the natural way has cleared my face of acne, reduced my scars, and changed my skin overall! I couldn’t be happier with the results!

One thing I will mention is that these products are not cheap. You won’t get a face wash for $5 like you could at the drugstore, but then again, the drugstore could never clear my acne or give me such smooth skin. I am a very frugal person, as you all know, but when it comes to my skin and my acne, I will spend however much it takes to get the desired result. Having organic/natural products will always be more expensive, but the peace of mind it gives me, as well as the CONFIDENCE that comes with gorgeous skin, is priceless. I urge every single one of you to at least go on Painted Earth Skincare’s website and at the bare minimum, try the face wash and the moisturizer. Seriously… you can thank me later!

If you’ve struggled with dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, or aging skin… this is the brand you want to invest in. There are plenty of options based on what your skin type is! I absolutely adore this line and I am almost out of moisturizer, but please know that I’ll be buying more!

Huge thank you to Joanne for being so generous and allowing me to give my honest opinion on these products. I am not being paid to talk about them, I was given them solely for review purposes. I am not required to say I like them, but ooooohhh boyyyy, do I! Let me know which product you’ll be testing, and be sure to follow Painted Earth on twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram to learn more about deal, steals, and more info on their products!

Which products sound the most appealing to you? Will you pick any up?! Sound off in the comments section!



P.S- did you make it to the end of this post?! Let me know in the comments section! You rock, and I love you for being loyal.  Sneak Peek: I’ll be reviewing their MAKEUP line as well!!! 🙂 That will be in a future post! 🙂 Love ya! Enter code “mstruehappiness” for 20% off!!! That was a coooool surprise!

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