DermStore Lip Quench Review


I initially got this product from my myglam bag a few months ago and finally decided to try it out! I know there are a few people that consistently got these in there glam bags, so I figured I’d tell you what I think!

First off, this lip DermStore Lip Quench is made for thin, dry lips…. does not apply to me whatsoever! I have very full lips and they are hardly ever dry. I will say, though, that this product made my lips feel very moisturized when it is on! I went to their website and it read “DermStore Lip Quench hydrates, softens and adds a hint of color to your lips. Soybean, olive and sweet almond oils provide antioxidant protection and nutrients. Vitamin E treats dry, chapped lips.” When I read that I couldn’t wait to try it! I have to say…. I can definitely tell that there is Vitamin E in this product!


Because I am so allergic to many things on my lips, the chemist in me had to research the ingredients! I usually focus on the first 3 in any product! This has Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, which is essentially a lubricant and makes the product a little thicker. Petrolatum is basically petroleum.. yep, like petroleum jelly! This is a good DEEP moisturizer for the lips/skin. I prefer it in my lip balms. Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer is allllll up my alley! But to keep this from being a science lesson, it’s a thickening agent. None of these products throw up a red flag as I’m on my quest to figure out what exactly breaks my lips out, so I decided I could try this product with a clear conscious!


I will say that I love lip balm/ chapstick that comes in a tube because I don’t always want to stick my fingers into the product! I have an extreeeeemely difficult time getting this product to come out of the tube! It may just have too much pressure buildup or something! It has a slanted plastic applicator and a glossy/shimmery pale pink shade to it. The color is not that noticeable, but I think the shimmer is why they say you appear to have fuller lips! Overall, I would say this product has moisture with  staying power on my lips, doesn’t break me out, but has a hefty price tag for a lip balm. I didn’t see anything in the ingredients to really scare me off, so I would actually recommend this product! It’s $12.00 + free shipping at so if you are interested, check it out!

Have you guys tried out this product? What do you think? Do you know a lipbalm that will change my life? Recommend it in the comments!


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